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OK, so I am starting a fairly ambitious project (especially for my first project). It involves an Adafruit Wave Shield, a 20x4 RGB+ LCD screen, a bunch of toggle switches (some illuminated, some not), and maybe a 12 key keypad. My question is: should I use some sort of LCD "backpack" or a port expander (or both)?

Note: I do want to be able to control the backlight color from the Arduino.



Also, I connected the wave shield the "normal" way.


The Adafruit i2c/spi backpack is just a port expander.  (Actually, there are two on the board.)

Keep in mind that switches can be matrixed.
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Keep in mind that switches can be matrixed.

I don't know much about matrixing switches, but I was under the impression that I can only read one switch at a time in a matrix. I need to be able to read the state of 6 toggle switches. When I flip, say, 3 different switches, I need the Arduino to know exactly which switches are on and which are off. Can I do this with a matrix?


Yes, matrixed keys can do it. You just may need to write your own code.

Most lcd backpack won't support that rgb backlight.
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