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i got two Steppers out of an old printer (Epson Stylus Colour 660). I alreadi know how i can drive steppers, but those are different.

I measured the resistance between the wires of both steppers (here 0 means no connection):

Stepper 1: (Epson EM-257, 200 Stepps/rev)
1-2: 0
1-3: 8
1-4: 0
2-3: 0
2-4: 8
3-4: 0

Stepper 2: (NBM EM-291)
1-2: 0
1-3: 7,5
1-4: 0
2-3: 0
2-4: 7,5
3-4: 0

Those are all informations about these steppers i have. What i dont know is the opperation voltage, but i think theyll be fine at 5V. Also i dont know, how many stepps the Stepper 2 has.

It would be really nice if someone could help me, so i can actually use those in one of my projects.



From what you've found I would guess the stepper motor has two windings - between 1-3 and 2-4. These will need to be powered in the correct order and polarity to step the motor. You'll need to connect pins 1 and 3 to one pair of outputs from your H-bridge driver, and pins 2 and 4 to the other output. The two windings will need to be the right polarity relative to each other, so if the motor won't step then try reversing the polarity of one of the windings.
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