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Gave them my first order today.  They said it would go to fab by Feb 2.  Just got an email saying it was sent to fab, about 2 hours after I ordered it.

Your boards are being made as you read this!
We've sent the panel containing your boards to the fabricator. We expect to get them back around February 12th.
In case you're interested, there are 59 other orders on the panel along with yours, adding up to a total of 360 boards. Neat eh?

Wow.  I guess that is a mighty big board.  I wonder what the value of each board is.  360 x $10 = $3600  XD.  That guy might have a pretty darn good business going, though he is eating the shipping on the back end.  I hope he is doing well, the prices seem very reasonable for prototyping small boards.  Mine are 3 for $18.20 (tiny board) and 3 for $37.45 (larger board).
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Osh Park usually sends the board to fab in a few days.  You were just lucky to be at the end of that cycle.  They usually have a turn around time of a couple of weeks.  Plus they have superb quality.  I use them almost exclusively.

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