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I have uploaded the bootloader 2009 using arduino as ISP in a breadboard with crystal 16MHz. When I try to upload a sketch, it says: not in sync.

Is this possible

Jack Christensen

I always say, "If it happens, it must be possible."

Tell us more about the chip that the bootloader was uploaded to, and how you are trying to upload a sketch now.


Ah, standalone installations! Do you have a auto-reset circuit for you setup, or are you trying to use a well timed manual reset when you try to upload to the chip?



It is suposed that the bootloader 2009 is updated in the ATMEGA328P since the process was correct according to the information the Arduino software gives. After that, I install the ATMEGA328p chip on the circuit I usually use and try to upload the Hex file it has to be loaded, as usualI I do with other ATMEGA328p 2009 bootloader.

The process is negative then. It says : not in sync. I suppose that the bootloader is not loaded correctly.

All info will be welcome

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