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as the title says: which is de maximum current draw for 5v pin??

I'm planning to interface arduino with a rc receiver but my power source its 2s lipo = 6.4~8.4 volts and the receiver needs 4xAAA battery = 6volts

I don't want to add extra weight for powering the rc receiver.

If I do add the 4xAAA batteries for the receiver, then:
would I be able to read the ppm signal from the rc receiver? =S
because the rc would be powered with the 4 AAA and the arduino with the 2s Lipo battery =S


Try powering your R/C receiver from the +5vdc output pin on the Arduino board, should work OK.



that's my original idea, but if the receiver is conected to the servos then i want to be sure the +5vdc pin ins capable to support that current..

which is the maximum current the 5vdc is capable to handle?


According to MC33269 datasheet: 800mA.


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