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here is an example of a guy that made a cube with LED sensors, not only did he use LEDs for sensors, he charlieplexed the the cube.


Have you read the page about my experiments with this?

Very interesting Mike, i've never taken the time to look that deeply into it, I dont get much time usually, so left it as a cool led hack, although i did see some guy had make two units that could talk to each other at short range


P18F4550, Hippynerd, Grumpy_Mike,

Thanks a lot for pointing it out to me, I'm following Grumpy_Mike's example and it works, although results sometimes flicker heavily, with a 10 segment display I bought yesterday (http://www.maplin.co.uk/10-segment-display-2128). Might have been because it was night and there wasn't any 'natural' light.
Grumpy_Mike, thank you for posting both the arduino and the processing code, I'm deciphering it slowly! :)

I've been told that to achieve my purpose, it would be better (and less complicated) to use a phototransistor in the middle of collated 2x2 or 4x4 arrays for location of a finger quickly touching the screen. If you've got any thoughts, please shoot! :)





Yes I think a photo transistor would be much easier to use, there is not all that software faffing about with charging and timing the discharging rate.


If by any chance you know of a program

Anyone giving you a piece of code is doing you a disservice. Go figure out what mechanism is at work and how to perform the various functions needed in your mcu.
That's called learning.
Copy-and-paste is for people without a brain.

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Everyone learns first by following example and then with experience experimenting to push the envelope a bit further.
In fact thats natures way.

I would ignore such statements
This is a board for posting questions to seek answers not criticism
Unfortunately it is full of these types
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