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I'm interested in capturing 2-3 snapshots for step 1. The image should be b/w, high resolution (I guess ~3MP), and about 1cm by 1cm area (taken from abt 1cm height).

That being said, I've scanned the forums for CMOS camera and Arduino boards and didn't find any "headache free" solution, but apparently it is possible to do with the Due board! :-)
There are many mentions of

Honestly, I would have bought the arducam if it worked with the Due. The main goal in using Arduino in this project is to prototype fast (faster than it'll take to design a whole board from scratch) and show a proof of concept, and hence I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel; but looking for simple, straight forward solution.
Would you guys have any suggestions? Maybe other directions I should check?

Thanks in advance.

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