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Hello I'll get straight to the question. Is it possible for an arduino to handle a machine that requires  14
different inputs maybe simple limit switches. And has 3 outputs (12 volt dc motors)foward and reverse , only one needs the be ran at a time. Also 1 variable electromagnet and a 2 place 14 bit led display???

I was thinking I could control the motors with relay but I would need quite a few about seven or eight and I'm sure 14 inputs would be easy for and atmega 2560.

What do you guys think?? Thanks for reading and good luck with your arduino projects !!


Of course I would need and external voltage supply for the motor controls, are there any shields capable of sustaining this ?? Thanks again


Basically yes this is possible with a Uno. Depending on your skill level you can either build the extra stuff yourself or buy shields. The problem with shields is that you probbly will not find what you want exactly.
The 14 inputs can be put into two shift registers using only 3pins.
The variable magnet can be driven by PWM using a FET or transistor and a PWM signal.
The LED display can be multiplexed or driven throu some output shift registers.

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