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Ive been searching for answers for the past few days and cant find exactly what Im looking for. Still a little new to arduino but play with it on some of my off time.

Basically, I would like to use arduino on my car to open and close a solenoid on my car by reading from the eeprom where I would set a value, but have the ability to change data on the eeprom when it opens and closes using a program that I create from visual basic. I cannot find any examples of how to wire it up, but have found some coding.

Example, when the car is above 3000 rpm, the solenoid would open. below 3000 rpm, the solenoid would close. Using my laptop and a program written in vb, I can read and change the value to 3400 in the eeprom. This would give me the ability to change settings for the conditions of the day. This is not for my daily driver but for my car I take to the track. I could buy some $600 or more program that could do this, but Id rather not.

Any input?


Have some sort of serial interface to the Arduino. If it finds incoming data (eg. you are connected to your PC) then it could update the EEPROM.

Look in the Playground for EEPROM examples.
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Ive looked around and still cant find anything. Is there an example anywhere?


There are examples in the playground for reading and writing EEPROM, and examples for reading from the serial interface in the IDE.
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