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Hello guys im Domino60,
In this Topic i want to make some questions about my project that i want to do, 1st i want to play a bit with (IR) Infra red Leds ( Emitter and Detector ).
1st. How to light up a Normal 5mm Led by using 2 IR leds, *( Emitter and Detector ) by puting my had on top of them and the Normal light 5mm will blink or stay ON untill i will het my hand of the
   IR leds. I know the idea how they works, Emitter hit on my hand and detector, detect the IR and the 5mm led light up, but i have a problem with the circuit how to connect them what
extra rezistors i need and the code.

ps. I can't tell you the exactly project i want to do just asking for few base questions.

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