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Yea, Doug's library worked and I would like to see a reference to it on the Arduino X10 page for people like me who couldn't get it Tom's original library to work and who don't know enough C++ and library coding to troubleshoot it.

It has not been easy getting X10 to work. Besides the coupler capacitor I needed to install X10 filters for all my computers as they all tend to kill the X10 signals. And I still have a stray outlet that does not work. I know it is not the best system and of course it is like 30 years old now. But like I said I have almost every kind of X10 module every made. It would cost me way to much to replace. And since I have not really done anything with X10 in a long time, I am not even sure what has replaced it. All I know is most places don't sell it anymore and the modules are getting harder to fine. Maybe I will be force to upgrade sometime in the future. Thanks for your post.

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