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DueGUI seems to be very good. is it possible to run on mega?. Is it possible to run on iboard pro?. I am working now on a iboard pro project.

It should do but I will have to look up how do the interrupts on the mega too.


Hi guys... Nothing about VirtualWire?


I can't compile with Due... does anybody succeeded?


I'm hoping for one for the RFM12 line of wireless modules.  Anyone know if that one has been ported yet?


I sort of formalized and hopefully simplified randomvibe's original code to run the Due hardware PWM pins 6, 7, 8, and 9 which avoids using slower analogWrite calls.  This was paramount for my application because I'm really pushing the limits of what the Due is capable of.  I'm heavily using nearly every pin on the board and taking advantage of as many of the optimization and hardware features as possible is extremely important.  It's attached...


Adafruit ST7735 and GFX libraries modified to run on the Arduino Due here:



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