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so are you saying that I can carry on and use both without endangering anything ?

Yes indeed that is what I am saying.


Look at the pinout for a '328,
When the DIP part is installed backwards, VCC/GND from pins 7/8 and up at Aref/GND at pins 21/22,
and Aref/Gnd end up at pins 7/8.
Avcc ends at PD4, and PD4 ends with  Avcc.
I think that's what save the part from being damaged.  Vcc and Avcc are not shorted out, Gnd is still at Gnd.
The bootloader/sketch are not started because the oscillator is not hooked up.
I've done this myself also (and have now marked my boards as well) and have not seen any damage occur - the chip does not get warm even, which is usually a good sign of excess current being drawn.
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That's great  !!  Thank you all for helping me out with your advice !  :)


It is not only the dot, the chip has an indentation too :D

For me is easier to identify on low light using that shape :P
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Helps to paint a large white large dot near pin one of the chip and the PCB.
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!

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