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Hi, I bought 8 solid state relays and 1 mcu, if i will be pinning Logic input of those relays to my arduino, can i use those relays in different instances? let's say for example, i have a coin acceptor to trigger relay 1. if relay 1 is already working with a time of 5 minutes, Can i still use the other relays without interrupting the process of relay 1? kindly help me. I am making a vendo charging station with the use of 1 mCu. is it simultaneously possible or sequentially possible. can i use those relays at different time or one after the other?


Yes, no problem. Once you set the output of a pin on or off it will not change until you set it to a new state.


but i am using a signal and a delay for it. if i will use interrupt, it will pause the other process just to accommodate the new one. is it right? i have to arranged in my program what will be the first and what will be the second?


The pin will stay on or off until you explicitly set it to a new state. There's no need to "hold" a pin on; it just stays that way by itself.


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Do you have 8 pins available, or do you want to use a few (3) pins to control all 8 relays ?

The first one is easiest and Chagrin told you already there is no problem doing that.
The second one s a little more difficult and requires some extra hardware.
In this second case, you would need to set a relay again when you set another relay.

Both possibilities are not real difficult but you'll have to get an idea what to work out.
A piece of paper will be of great help.

Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
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