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Hi, I really need som help figuring this one out. I feel stupid, It surley is something very simple that Ive missed.

I got 6 pots connected to Arduino UNO, my program reads the pots, divide results with 8
and sends BYTES with "0xB0" + "potnumber" +"potvalue" (se posted code).
I put the Arduino in DFU-mode and run the USBdevice dot BAT file "makeMidi.bat".
Arduino shows up as an MIDI-device.
I open Ableton to MAP a Pot to the volume-controller.
Each time i do this It works and map the pot to the volume-slider, but instead of scrolling the volume slider up/down
It changes the pitchbend from 8/16 to 16/16  or CC notes from 1-127 depending on if im using arduino MIDI liberary or MIDI liberary that comes with USBdevicewin.
Ive tried my own code plus 3 other codes that I found online only to get the same results.
7 :
Ive tried to re-write the midi-message in several ways, Ive tried both "serial.write" and "serial.print" and sending one "empty" byte between
And always get the same results.

What am I doing wrong????

With following code i get a fast respond in ableton and I can map my 6 pots to different channels,  but instead of change the volume that I mapped it to it change MIDI CC notes.

Code: [Select]

//#include <MIDI.h>
#include <usbDevices.h>

#define numPots 6  // numer of pots
#define b 1        // this is the delta needed in

unsigned int currentPot[6] = {0,0,0,0,0,0};   
unsigned int pot[6] = {0,0,0,0,0,0};
byte controlChange = 0xBC; //0xB0 or 176

void setup() {
// MIDI.begin();
void loop() {
  for(unsigned char i=0; i<numPots; i++) {
    currentPot[i] = analogRead(i) / 8;   
    if(abs(currentPot[i]-pot[i]) > b) {
      sendMidi(controlChange, i+1, currentPot[i]);
      pot[i] = currentPot[i];

void sendMidi(byte controlChange, unsigned int controlNum, int val) {
//MIDI.sendControlChange(controlNum, val);

  // Serial.write(unsigned char(controlChange));
  //   Serial.write(unsigned char(controlNum));
  //     Serial.write(unsigned char(val));

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