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I'll be interested to hear more about your goals, the group and clientele.  

You may very well find quite a few respondants from here- especially if your goal is part time.  Most of the folks here post via a username and not their given name- there are some world-class, well-known engineers lurking behind a couple of the monnikers around here.. some of them retired and looking for an occasional project to keep amused. 

Teaching Masters level?  Hmm... I envision a "class project" consultancy rate for college students, a sliding scale for the rate based upon a complex formula involving how many weeks it was put off, how many hours until it needs to be handed in, and how close to academic probation the student is....  XD
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well, a couple of students have tried in the past, trying to hire me to do an class assignment i gave them. didn't even know what to say... I think kids nowadays have way to much money... they carry way better cellphones than me!


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