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Hey guys,

I have just recently joined the forum, but I have been using my Arduino Uno for a couple months already. I have a plan for a potential project in which I control a RGB led strip (anywhere from 1 meter long to 5m long (16ft)). I figure the best way for me to do this is to use three N Channel MOSFETs (one for each cathode of the RGB led strip). I heard that I need a logic level MOSFET, as I would like to control it directly from a PWM arduino Pin. Would such a set up work?

I have found this MOSFET on amazon, as I would to order all of my parts from there if possible:

It is a FQP30N06L MOSFET, and I was wondering if this would work for controlling a RGB led strip.
Would I need a heat sink? Would the 5v of the arduino be able to switch/PWM a RGB strip?
Also I know that a breadboard is not optimal for such high currents, would a perfboard be ok?

Thanks in advance!

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