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When I was buying it I was looking at some Italian distributer (Italy, while not having a land border, being separated by 50 km wide Slovenian stretch, does have sea boarder with Croatia) figuring that would be the cheapest place to get it. I got really put off until I found it on dx.


I just got an envelope from China with 7 (almost certainly) counterfeit Arduino boards, which I bought through Amazon, probably "marketplace".  (Hey, I live 20 miles from Seattle!)  I certainly didn't expect counterfeits, but the price should have warned me.  I don't approach all my online purchases as though they were a trip to a market in the mideast or 3rd world,,, yet.  I got my 1st Arduino on Amazon just a month or so earlier, for at least 2x the price, but do I know it to be "genuine"?  I can't distinguish it from one at the local Radio Shack.

I won't knowingly purchase from a counterfeiter or other thief.  I only buy anything Chinese if an item is not available otherwise, and due to my thoughtless countrymen and politicians this is increasingly the case.  Still, if it's just a matter of where something is imported from, I don't have a lot of demands, other than not being lied to.

We are talking "open hardware" here.  The slimy chinks could easily come up with their own brand and just sell their stuff openly and cheap, but they're just too perverse to bother with honesty or integrity.  They're nearly as perverse as the outsourcers that brought them the capabilities to do what they do.

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