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Im trying to use a sound sensor and a LED strip together. I've been able to get them both working separately, but not together. I can even get a single LED to work with the sound sensor but when i replace the single LED with the LED strip, it doesnt work. I feel like it may be a voltage issue?

I can hook up the LED strip to 5v and ground and get it to work, the problem is that the + cable for the strip has to be on a digital pin and not straight to 5v. Any help would rock!

i took 3 pictures to help: http://imgur.com/IVZhE1p,T5tvTSE,k1dxOMb


What do you want the led strip to do? Can you please post code?
What is man's best friend? The breadboard!


The LED strip you have there probably needs 12V DC and it draws a lot of current, in range of 3A for 5meter long strip. So Arduino port is not going to cut it, you need some better design . . .

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