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On Thursday I will begin a long journey to open source every household appliance.  I am beginning with a refrigerator, because it is the most costly home appliance (aside from washer/dryer).  My half-fridge sized prototype is available now:

I am raising funds to:
-Build 2 prototypes, Half-fridge & Full-fridge
-Launch a Website Resource for Open Source Home Appliances

I welcome collaborators!  Please E-mail me with your skills:

Look forward to the launch of my campaign.  Please contribute if you can.

Fundraiser (Active 1/24):  http://www.indiegogo.com/Peltier
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PeltierFridge
Design Animation:  http://youtu.be/LEG6UkFyRxo
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/peltierfridge


I have played with Peltier junctions some and microcontrollers a lot. So, I have some interest in your project.

My experience with Peltiers is that they weren't very efficient.  Is this a commercial project?

I would like to hear more.


Its simply not possible to make an efficient fridge with peltier coolers.
Their efficiency is far too low , typical Carnot efficiency for a peltier cooler is 5%
compared to around 50% with a compressor fridge.

Paul Beaudet

Its simply not possible to make an efficient fridge with peltier coolers.

I'm not sure about efficiency but If its possible to make ice its definitely conceivable to make an off-grid/portable solar powered fridge that wouldn't be possible with compressors. This is something that I have ideas about. If you make the project completely open source I'm in. I would really like to see if the efficiency of a peltier cooler really gets in the way of making this a reality. 

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