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I want to make a line follower robot, based on differential drive. What should I buy, this or this? I was wondering.. as a beginner, is it easy to build the H-bridge for the L293d, or should I just buy the shield? The price difference is only ~2$ and I wouldn't want to miss all the fun, though :D

I took the motors from a cassette, so they work on 9V.

Right now I'm just buying the pieces I need, they take up to a month to ship.

Thanks a lot!


Well it really depends on how much your enjoy building a board I think!

But bear in mind the board is a knock-off and you should consider buying the AdaFruit original
http://adafruit.com/products/81 as otherwise you are doing LadyAda out of a living,
and she contributes an enormous amount to the Arduino community.
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