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I think you are right about giving up. I have problems with understanding with that code like you wrote.
But i dont know if i can use that code that I past it anymore or should I start writing the new code from begining. I think that fixing the old code is harder then writing a new one with understanding.
I will try again from begining.

Thanke you PaulS


What is man's best friend? The breadboard!


Jan 28, 2013, 06:29 pm Last Edit: Jan 28, 2013, 06:31 pm by kikitron Reason: 1
I finaly found what was wrong with the code: There should be (tank3Thermometer) insted of (tank2Thermometer)
Code: [Select]
void printTemperature(DeviceAddress deviceAddress)
 float tempC = sensors.getTempC(deviceAddress);
 float t1tempC = sensors.getTempC(tank1Thermometer);
 float t2tempC = sensors.getTempC(tank2Thermometer);
 float t3tempC = sensors.getTempC(tank2Thermometer);  // PROBLEM IN tank2!
 if (tempC == -127.00) {
} else {
// lcd.print(tempC);
// lcd.print("/");
tank1temp = t1tempC;
tank2temp = t2tempC;
tank3temp = t3tempC;

Now temperature sensor 3 function is workink ok  :)


Kilitron, I read your post and you are working in a similar
Project that I want to develop. I going to start a small micro distillery
And I need some to monitor/control/log the temp of a still
I need one monitor/control by a set point/ log data of the still tank
And monitor/control by set point/ log data of the reflux column.
I not have any idea of the code. I have experience with the electronic.
Can you help me with that thanks

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