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Hi again, i'm trying to access another loop if a condition happen, here the part of the code that i want:

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case '1':
              //relay pin 22 on
              digitalWrite(22, HIGH);
              Serial.println("Relay 1 on");

and the other loop
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void relay_onmelody()
     Serial.println("play music on");
     for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
       int onnoteDuration = 1000/onnoteDurations[i];
       tone(speaker_pin, relayonmelody[i],onnoteDuration);
       int onpauseBetweenNotes = onnoteDuration * 1.30;

cause i have like 15 case and i don't want to write all the code for the melody every time so if i'm able to access the other loop it will be more simple. with these code i'm note able to compile it.


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This is not how to call a function.

for loops need ending }, too.
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Thanks Pauls, that works.

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