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Hi Oliver
Seems we are both in the same boat.
I shall continue my efforts and keep you you in the loop.



Problem solved  :smiley-mr-green:

This LCD Panel will be changing into a FRIZZBEE pretty soon.

Information re connecting to an Arduino is simply not out there and trying to use it is becoming a nightmare.
As far as I'm concerned it's a case of smart description, smart price, but stupid shopper. =(
Too bad really I had high hopes.



Hi, had also several problems to get my 240x64 lcd with t6963 to run. I made several mistakes (bloody beginner with arduino). May be I can help by showing my way to get it running:
1. I used any of the several connection tables I found, most in glcd libraries for the ks0108 chip. But it has nothing to do with t6963, so that was useless. When I changed to
under 'Wiki' and 'T6963' and used that connections, I still didnt see anything (but it was first time the correct connecting).
2. My lcd needs a negative voltage for contrast adjusting (about -7 to -8 V). So all tries with usual +5V couldnt help. So be sure to use the right polarity and get the information from datasheet or dealer. I dont know if a wrong polarity or to high voltage can damage the lcd, so be careful! Sometimes when I cant get infos, I try with a very 'weak' voltage (have a power supply with adjustable voltage and current) or I use a serial 5-10k resistor to limit the current. But better get the correct info.
You should be able to set all pixel dark when adjusting the voltage at contrast pin, otherwise you cant be sure that you see nothing only by to low contrast.
3. Ok, demo startet then and I was happy. But not for long. The library is very changed, commands you find at examples you cant use. The autor has created commands, but who knows them? So look into his t6963.h file. The example shows many things with text and graphic, but at many points I dont know how to go on. I miss to many commands and as beginner i am not experienced enough to change libs or add new commands. Hope still to find any hints how to add the lots of commands I see in every example for using them. Up to now its a like a golden cage.

Would like to hear if you got any progress with your questions.
Just started with Arduino Uno. Am soldering a little longer :-)


I made some progress, my display requires -15V, which was one of the main reasons, why the screen did not show anything.
Thanks for your support.



np, but now the real adventure begins... Trying to program whatever leads quickly to the specialities of the t6963 libs. Am missing several commands, that we find in the lot of examples, so they cant be used. Also its not easy for me as beginner to understand the changed commands, as they are in the libs...
Just started with Arduino Uno. Am soldering a little longer :-)

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