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I am reading up on buck-boost converters, and one thing I cant understand is, is it possible to simply just swap around the connections for the load for example a small dc motor?



Jan 24, 2013, 08:51 pm Last Edit: Jan 24, 2013, 09:20 pm by DVDdoug Reason: 1
Yes, if you want to reverse a DC moter, you can simlply reverse the connections.

With relays or a bridge circuit, you can make a motor driven from a single-supply that runs either directions.

Sometimes you need a true negative voltage (referenced to ground).   For example, audio signals are AC (the voltage swings both positive and negative) so it's often handy to run an audio op-amp from + & - power supplies (although you can make an audio amp or preamp with a single supply).

Or sometimes if you are working with very-low positive DC voltages, it's easier to build a circuit that goes below zero volts, and that allows you to go down to zero-volts linearly.

If you are building a power supply (that runs off AC house power) you can make it put-out both positive & negative voltages (i.e. use a center-tapped transformer) and you don't need a separate inverter circuit.

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