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Hi I am recording the temperature every minute to an SD card and would like to view it on excel. I can make a graph just fine, but I am having trouble formatting the x-axis.

Actually for this trial I recorded the temperature every second, so I would have more points to try excel with in a short time.

I'm using a line graph to display trends over time but can't seem to change the x-axis format to not display the time in elapsed seconds. I right click on the axis/format axis/ change interval unit to 3600. This gives me better spacing but is still 3600... 7200... 10800 etc.

I tried to use the time format, hoping that [h]:ss would give me the elapsed time in hours from seconds. But ss has to be a value in a cell so that doesn't work. I tried to find a way to count the number of entries (and hence number of seconds) from a column but any information I've found is specific to some other problem or out dated. Is there anyone who can help?

Ideally I would like it to be displayed as time, since the logging file starts at the start of a new day, but I'd be happy if I could just somehow change the seconds to hours somehow for now. If someone could write me a format code that would be great.


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Well I figured it out mostly. This is what I had to do:

1.) Create a list of numbers in column A for seconds.
2.) New column with seconds/86400
3.) format previous column and x axis with time format.

I didnt know that excel used a decimal as number of hours/24 to represent the time.. could have made that clearer.

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