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I have a WG12864D GLCD Screen (see one here http://arduino.alhin.de/index.php?n=4) that uses the ra6963 chip. It's wired to my uno.
Using the libraries from the arduino playground "T6963 Library" and "T6963 Library with new Features" didn't bring any good results. (libs from http://code.google.com/p/rbrsidedn1/ and http://code.google.com/p/arduino-t6963c/)

I replaced the WProgram.h with Arduino.h in the libfiles for compiling it with my Arduino 1.0.2 IDE.

I have d0-d7 connected to the appropriate data pins
a0 is wr
a1 is rd
a2 is ce
a3 is c/d

v0 is on variable resistor between +5 and 0V, when I trigger the RESET the screen shows a black horizontal line, so I guess the contrast is good.

If I open the serial monitor, I get
TH: 0
GH: 168

This post is similar to an older post I found, that states the same problem, but had no solution until now: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,28508.0.html

All I can say is HALP  :smiley-eek: please help me with this problem. Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi, had the same problem with an 240x64 LCD with T6963. Do I understand right, you see nothing but the small line after reset? I see this line also, but it says nothing about contrast adjust, my LCD shows it also when contrast is much to low and nothing gets shown. So what happens, when you change the contrast poti? Can you reach a position that shows all pixel getting dark? It should be possible, otherwise you cant be shure if the contrast is high enough that anything can be shown. At my lcd I found out that it needs a negative current (about -7 to -8 V) for contrast, so look what yours need. And be careful, dont connect when you are not sure. I dont know if a wrong current can damage a lcd. When I test such thing, I use a 5k resistor in series to lower the risk. But better look for exact information.

At which D pins on Arduino did you connect your D0-D7? (my lcd cant work in 4bit Mode, so all Data Pins must be connected). I used first any connection table of the several I found, but lastly i saw the table at the playground site you told above - and had to change most connections. Then the demo started first time...


I'm using winstar wg240128b with ra6963 chip i used the arduino libary available free t6963, but its not working. I'm facing the same problem too when i open terminal i get:

TH: 0
GH: 168

pls help, tell me if any1 succedded.


We had a discussion on a similar display here, a few days ago: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=242095.0 .

Although slow, u8glib should be able to support your display: https://code.google.com/p/u8glib/wiki/device. Especially, see the setup guide in both links.



Some changes about this issue? I'm facing same problem ...


Same answer: Both u8glib and the newer u8g2-lib can be used with the RA6963 (aka T6963) display.


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