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It is possible receive and decode signal from remote switch remote control if known this about RF signal:
Code: [Select]
RF Code:
0: (-800, +400)
1: (+400, -800)
guidance code: (-6000, +800)
code sender: guidance code+20 address code+4 data code.


Probably.  Er, no, let's just say "maybe".

What is it?  Do you have a link to more information than what you've posted?



First you need to know the RF frequency the remote switch is using and then the modulation method it is using to send the data.
So no, not with as little you know so far.


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RF frequency is 433Mhz

it is possible captured and then retranslate this signal?


Yes, I'm using "remoteswitch" library for this.
I didnt write it, it wourk out of the box for some devices.


i was trying to use remoteswitch library, but for this device it not working. i think because signals length are different from remoteswitch library.

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