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Hi, I have and arduino UNO that I just got and I am working on a project. I am getting the arduino motor shield. I have looked all over for how to install it, but I can't find anything. What I am asking is how do you install it, do you need to solder it on, and can you stack multiple shields and how many
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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installing a shield is simply popping on top the the 'duino
there may be more depending on what the shield does and what your software is doing :)

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This shield?
Does not appear to be stackable with additional motor shields.

This one has selectable control pins so that multiple motor shields can be used.
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Other than their physical pin layout, shields adhere to no standards.

Depending on the function of the shield: the onboard components, pins used, power requirements, etc will change the answers to your questions.

It is best to think of them as pre made circuits.  You have to determine if they'll work for your application.
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