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On my schematic I placed a capacitor across the 5V and Gnd of the circuit, as the power pins of the IC are not visible. What I want to achieve on the board layout is placing this capacitor across/close to the (implicit) power pins of an IC but I can't figure out how to do this properly.

Autolayout does not do it by itself (clearly can't read my mind!), palcing the capacitor connections wherever they come. When I tried to do a manual layout of the capacitors followed by autolayout I get errors to the effect that there is duplication of connections on the board, which does not seem a good thing but I don't really know if i can just ignore it.

Does anyone know what the accepted practice is to, in the general case, do a board layout partially manually and then finish with autolayout for the non-critical connections?
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Right click the part, select Invoke, select the power pins. Then you can connect up power/gnd & caps on the schematic view.
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Arduino libraries http://arduinocode.codeplex.com<br />Parola for Arduino http://parola.codeplex.com

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