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you mean 2.4k,  2.7k?

Yes I do sorry.
Original post edited. I am glad you are playing attention.  :)


many thanks for the help much appreciated.


hi mike

what is the absolute maximum voltage of a 4n25? im a bit confused, if thats the case that there is no max voltage on the input side then i dont need to drop the voltage (24v) just limit the current to the led?

would this be ok

thank you

The input side does however have a maximum reverse voltage rating as all diodes do, and leds tend to have small reverse voltage ratings of around 5vdc or so. So if one is driving the led input of a opto with a AC voltage then it can be damaged even though you have a properly sized current limiting resistors. The common fix to this is to just wire an external reversed biased diode across the input led pins.


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