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Topic: Problem with transmitting IMU/GPS/Ultrasonic data over Nrf24L01 (Read 23025 times) previous topic - next topic


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that makes sense thanks.
i also made a new thread because i sense this RF part of my project is going  take a few more posts and felt the struct/transmit part should be a separate issue.
still do not know why it does not want to work for me sending a struct i even eliminated all but the floats to send just to keep it simple


hey PaulS how can i (if at all) clean up the code some. As in say cut everything from below #include ( keep those in) and above void Setup and put them in an external file? this code is getting so long 504 line 16k ino file lol and i just gutted any extra code out of it.


Have you confirmed that you receive one message for each message sent, and that the number of bytes sent and received is the same? What is your actual payload size now?

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