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Dave wrote:
There may well be complete, transportable charting software somewhere, I just haven't been able to find it.

Hi Dave, have you checked out Highcharts at all?

They have two forms of charting software, one being highcharts and the other is highstocks, take your pick.
You don't need to reference or access their servers to be able to produce trends, they make their code available as a library, so you can host it yourself.

The chart you have on your blog site Dave looks to be the same as what highstocks looks like.

They have extra modules which allow you to export and to print the chart.
I'd say that was pretty transportable.



No, I have not.  Yes, now I have  XD

I haven't downloaded their stuff yet to play with, but I certainly will.  I first went and looked at their license and prices.  They let you have it free for non-commercial work; that fits my stuff exactly. 

tjgerow, this may be your ticket.  It's all in one place and could answer your problems if you can find a way to stuff it on an arduino.

rockwallaby, Thank you very much.

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This is where Zoomcat comes in with a nice bit of code that allows you to serve these files directly off the SD card on the Arduino, Zoomcat......

maybe this works



Spoke too soon.  When I actually got to trying the charts out, they need supporting libraries from other sites.  I was several layers into other sites and finally gave up.  As far as their appearance, they are really nice and they can be dynamic; meaning that they can be made to change as new data is available.  They support tooltips that expand data when you hover over the data points, zooming in on certain areas, and many other nice features. 

I just don't see how they can work well with an isolated arduino in the middle of nowhere.

One notable thing was that the forum and example they provide didn't have a clear example of how to actually get data from some repository and display it on the screen as a graph.  Yes, they have examples, and offer them up to be examined by jsFiddle, but the dynamic and repository examples don't work in jsFiddle (at least I couldn't get them to)

Nice set of tools if you want to spend a week or two diving into the API and experimenting to get it right, but they don't seem to fit the bill for way far away devices that aren't big web servers.
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I was wondering if you found the solution to this i am also having this same problem have sensors reading in and displayed on the server just need to get it graphed and logged

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