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Hmmmm now its sayinig that its connected and uploading to cosm but for some reason its not doing it, no sensors values are graphed must be something small in the code, it's getting better will inform if it works!


Are you seeing the ret when you put to cosm? ret = 200  means a kosher transfer. If you get that but see nothing in the graph, it could be the data is suss. You can test just before you send

Code: [Select]

Serial.println("Uploading it to Cosm");
ret = cosmclient.put(feed, cosmKey); // SEND FEED TO COSM
Serial.print("cosmclient.put returned "); // 200?


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Yes have that part of the code alright,

This is what is displaying in the serial monitor

Starting muiltiple datastream upload to Cosm...

Thermister 22.79
relativeHumidity 26.75
BPW34 723.18
Uploading it to Cosm
cosmclient.put returned -3

Looking at the cosm debug info nothing showing too its still Awaiting incoming requests...:/
strange that wifi shield works but not the Ethernet shield

ahhhh I got it now working! nothing wrong with it just isn't working in college! works perfectly at home :D happy days,

By any chance do you know if there is a wifi signal booster for the wifi shield just chancing my arm or does anyone, might try tin foil or something hehe


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No he-he about it. My neighbour uses foil food tray reflector to boost his WiFi signal. To good effect, I understand.
There are bigger antenna rods available on eBay for just a few dollars, but these are for the router. I don't know how you would beef up a WiFi shield but I bet it can be done. Failing that, you might be able to use a router as an intermediary.

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