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Thanks for the link.
Sorry the answer is still no. The arduino can generate the waveform of a sound at 5V, but the output from a microphone is about 0.001 volts, so it needs amplifying by 5000 times. You can not use the arduino to do this you must use an audio amplifier.


Ok but would it be possible to use an audio amplifier in conjunction with a speaker made of conductive thread? (As shown in the link) You can use it with an ipod so I would like to know why not an audio amplifier of someone's voice?


jhamble3 wrote:
I would like to use a kind of woven or embroidered speaker on the jacket to allow the person who is wearing it to speak loudly in front of an audience.

Unfortunately I don't believe such a speaker will have anywhere near the capability to produce clear and powerful sound.
The soft speaker is an innovative idea, great for wearable tech art where the type sounds and very low db and no quality is needed.

To have the person able to 'speak loudly in front of an audience', you will need the person to ware a large battery, a good quality and powerful audio amplifier with microphone input and a rather large speaker, all of which will probably weigh the person down quite a bit.

Maybe that is why lecterns with the complete audio works have been invented?



Yes of course. I need to be more specific- but in my ignorance I thought that this kind of audio project had been made already with arduino lilypad. In theater performances actors often wear compact mics and have battery 'packs' that are attached with velcro to their bodies. They do not need to wear large heavy amplifiers or huge batteries. I was curious to know if it might be possible to combine this set up with a 'soft' speaker. What actually inspired me to think about making something like this is that I know someone with a disability-who might not in a classroom or group situation be able to raise his voice without straining and is tired of explaining the huge audio amplifier weighing him down.
thanks for all the replies!

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