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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make a binary clock to help facilitate my learning of electronics and of the Arduino.

Give my code here, I am unable to blink my HOUR pins.
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int const MINUTES[] = {13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8};
int const HOURS[] = {7, 6, 5};
int const delayms = 1000;
int const up_to = 60;

void setup() {               
  // initialize digital pins as outputs.
  for(int led = 5; led < 14; led++){
    pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void blink_binary_number(int number, int const pin_array[], boolean vol=HIGH){
  for(int led = 0; led < number; led++){
    if (bitRead(number, led) == 1){
      digitalWrite(pin_array[led], vol); //Here we use our PINS array to decide which LED to blink. Since I wanted 13 to be bit 0, 12 bit 1, etc...

void loop() {
  int hours = 1;
for(int x = 0; x < up_to; x++){
   //blink_binary_number(hours, HOURS);
   blink_binary_number(x, MINUTES);
   //blink_binary_number(hours, HOURS, LOW);
   blink_binary_number(x, MINUTES, LOW);
   if (hours < 13) {
   } else {
    hours = 0;

Here is a picture of my board. Pins 5,6,7 being the back 3 pins. For now I just wired up 3 but I'll need 4 to at least count to 12 obviously. I hadn't proceeded that far since I can't get any of these 3 to blink.



Even if I load the example file Blink.ino I cannot blink those pins


Try analogWrite, you might have burned out your arduino.
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I haven't looked into the logic you're using to control the writes, but at first glance it's complex enough that I'm not certain whether you are actually doing a digitalWrite(HIGH) on the relevant pins. Write a sketch that does nothing but set the mode to output and set the pins HIGH, disconnect all the external wiring and just connect one LED with a current limiting resistor to each output pin in turn, with the other leg of the LED grounded.
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Try analogWrite, you might have burned out your arduino.

I'll give that a shot. All the other pins continue to blink fine.

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