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Gizmo needs a whack upside the head WRT pricing... ($199 !)
You've been able to get very small pc-compatible systems for quite some time (and ARM systems too.)
Size is not what made Raspberry PI interesting.


The cubieboard actually has VGA output, just look at the expansion board. And when there is VGA there are composite opportunities and component. You just have to do some work with the OS your putting onto the board. Composite wont support android at 1080p. I think max is roughly 640x480 through composite or something like that.


[X] kills [Y]

Humbug.  Somewhere somewhat above the pricepoint that all these boards are hitting, "community" becomes more important than the feature-list.
Otherwise Arduino would have been left in the dust a long time ago.

(Olimex in particular has lots of interesting boards, but doesn't seem to have developed much of a community for any of them. (?))

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