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i just made a stupid mistake and have connected 12 volts (reversed polarity) to 5v+  :smiley-eek-blue:
Yes... i really did this, not intentionaly though :D
Now, when i connect my leonardo to usb ALL leds power on on the arduino board, and in PC there is no COM port (ardino)
Is this meaning i have just fried my leonardo or can i replace some voltage regulator or diode maybe?
How can i check this?

Thanks for help :D


You will have to get a new board, more cost efficient than fixing the old one.
Always blame yourself.


I think this is the voltage regulator
So the price for 1 regullator is 2,95 + shipping 5 => 7,98 eur
new bord is 3x that price....
How can i be 100% that only the regulator is bad?


have connected 12 volts (reversed polarity) to 5v+

If you connected +12 volts to +5 volts you have blown the chips and possibly the electrolytic capacitors.
If you connected +12 to GND and 0 Volts of the 12 Volts to +5V everything is gone.

How can i be 100% that only the regulator is bad?

Buy one, replace it, if it works 100% then only the regulator was bad.
Always blame yourself.


LarryD thanx....
I have just ordered new bord :D


1. If you have an external 5 volt (short circuit proof) supply.
2. Remove the regulator.
3. Place wires into GND and +5Volts.
4. Connect these wires (observe polarity) to your external 5 volt supply.

Always blame yourself.

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