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This is my construction of an autopilot that, in the end, is supposed to steer a sailboat to a certain wind angle. This history starts a few years ago, and has only been actually tried out on the boat the last two summers. I started and old thread on this forum regarding the use of PID in autopilot construction. That discussion is over and this is the new thread about the pilot itself.

The goal is to have the autopilot following a wind angle. That is, correcting the heading depending on changes in wind direction.

Today is steers the boat really nice on compass course. Now I'm working on the function to take wind angle into account.

Tilt compensated compass - LSM303DLH
Arduino Nano on Custom PCB
Wind Vane - based on hall sensor AS5030
Linear actuator - Concentric LACT6-12V-20
Motor position controller - Pololu jrk 21v3

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