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The voltages are okay.

Buying another Arduino board is good, in case this one is damaged.
You can use it to (re)program the bootloader or use it to upload a sketch via the ISCP header.
I use an USBasp programmer myself (with an adapter from 10-pin to 6-pin header).

If the voltages are okay, and everything else is wrong, perhaps the microcontrollers are broken. But in many cases they still can be repaired.
If you have not the official Arduino Uno, but a cheap version from Ebay, the 16MHz could be a very cheap one and get easily broken.

For now, that phone charger is okay.

I use a switching adapter of 7.5V most of the time.


Just an update, I tried plugging the 12V adapter in to the arduino and measured the voltage, I got a reading of 9.7 volts. When I tested the 5V pin, I got a reading of 8.6 Volts. Maybe this is causing a problem?


Yes, 8.6 is too much.
The voltage regulator got damaged, and that might have blown the microcontrollers.


It seems that the Arduino I purchased was a fake, I wrote a blog post on the topic here http://www.mishari.net/2013/01/fake-arduino-sold-on-thai-sites/ comparing the two. I hope this can serve as a warning for somebody. :-(


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Sometimes I buy those from Ebay. Those boards use the cheapest components.
One had bad soldering, another had a defect crystal.
And an Arduino Uno uses a ATmega328 instead of a ATmega328P, which causes a lot of problems, since Arduino expects the bootloader of a ATmega328P. But in the end I was able to repair them all.

The cheapest crystals might stop working if the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius (freezing point).
So for any serious application the original is much better.

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