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After setup my project and loading my first sketch on a brand new Arduino Leonardo, the board doesn't connect with PC anymore. Plugging USB connection now I see at first "Arduino Leonardo" on COM9 (like the first time) but then it disappear from COM ports (while at first it switched on COM8 and it remained there).
I have to resign to a permanent damaged board or I could attempt something ? Connections (image attached) I made could have burn the board ?


Have you checked for short circuits? Disconnect everything and connecting it to the PC again.


Thank you for advice Shpaget, but the board, now completely disconnected, doesn't connect.


Suggest power down and restart the PC (and of course the Arduino) and start from a clean state.

Can you now see and select the Arduino's COM port in the IDE? If so, try uploading any of the example sketches (ensure the correct board type is selected first).
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I did all of these. Reboot PC , unplug Arduino board, disconnect all wires from board, then re-plug USB connection and PC shows for a second an Arduino Leonardo on COM9 but immediately disappear (instead of automatically pass on COM8 port like before) .
No COM8 (or COM9) port in Arduino IDE neither in Windows Device Manager so I cannot load any sketches (or bootloader) on board. Board in Arduino IDE is correctly selected

thanks for support

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