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I am doing my senior project and i needed some help.
I need a car camera which will have the following features:
Records videos and snapshots.
•       Has memory to store what it records.
•       Has the option to record for a long period of time (at least 15 minutes). This depends on the memory size.
•       Has the option to record for a short period of time (about 2 minutes) then over save what it recorded.
•       Transmits what it records to a data base.
•       Has GPS facility to mark the recorded scene by the position location.
•       Neat and not very bulky with a lot of wires and cables.

I found various cameras but thy didnot support connection with a database. So is it possible to do it with software?
And also if you can tell me the chip which will be most suitable for my project or a camera which will be most suitable



I'm tempted to ask why on earth you think you want to record an audio/video stream to a relational database, but I won't - I'll just point out that this question has nothing whatsoever to do with Arduino; you're in completely the wrong place.


You might look at this, http://www.arducam.com/

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