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hey guys

so i have recently received my raspberry pi and i have made my arduino work with it which is the first step of many. so i need help with using a arduino the virtually map a room and store it onto a sdcard.(thinking of using the ethernet shield for sdcard storage)

in simplified terms
i need a robot to virtually map a room (with objects on the floor)
and then move around the room using some sort of algorthym to cover ever bit of free space ( unless it is covered by a object).

like i said i have my raspberry pi using the serial ont he arduino so i can use python to code a very complex program to make this work. i just need help on figuring out how i will make the robot map a room and store it on its sdcard.

thnaks for your time, Evo


i just need help on figuring out how i will make the robot map a room
You need to decide your budget.
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so how much would you recomend?


What are you planning to use as sensor(s) to enable the robot to determine where it is in the room, and where obstacles are located? How do you intend to keep track of where the robot is in the room? How do you intend to have the robot sense what direction it is facing, and how far it has moved?

If you haven't considered the above questions, or haven't factored them into your design - then you need to go back to the drawing board, so to speak.

The fact that you are asking such questions at all leads me to believe that this project is outside of your current skill level in the study of robotics.

How much have you researched room mapping using a robot? What books or other resources have you consulted? There are tons of articles, white-papers, research projects, web pages, forum posts, books, magazine articles - going back 30-40 years, and many of them (but not all) easily found via a google search. The rest you might have to dig at your local library (or a university research library - if you have access). Also - there's something to be said for used book stores...
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