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i am planin to work on arduino duemilanove which has 20 pins..
i'll jst need a few more pins for my project..
can i increase no. of pins using shields?
if yes how do i use des pins when programming( how will pin no. change?)


I dont use sheilds so I cant say product X will work for you

but yea theres ways to expand the number of I/O's you have but they wont translate 1:1 to arduino pins

one simple way is a shift register, you use 3 pins, get 8-16 outputs or much more if you chain them, but you have to send it a string of binary data to control those outputs

otherwise you need a bigger chip, a arduino mega is an example of that



Did the trick for me once :)


Hey Osgeld u are a life saver!!....we were stuck..less pins and no cash for an Arduino mega...thnks thnks a lot!!...can u send me more details..

thnks a lot kenny_-_...


More information about your project would help what is it? What are you using the pins for?


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