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I'm trying to use two servos with my Arduino Uno. The servos were include in a kit I bought at Radio Shack. The greastest the servo can open is 162 degrees but the servo vibrates,  so I constrained the servo to a maximum of 160.  I have looked online and I can't the find range of movement for this servo.  Is this the maximum these servos can open or is the arduino servo library not compatable with these servos? 
I'm also have trouble when I attempt to move the two servos at the same time. The program stops working .  I think this is due to the voltage being so low the the processor stops functioning.  to fix this issue can I add  capatitors to the circuit or do I need to add a seperate power source?   


It seems very rare for the vendor to specify the range of movement on a web site - you only really know once you test a particular model. By the sound of it, you've discovered by experiment what the range is for that particular servo - there's no compatibility issue as such, they just have 160 degrees of motion. Some models will have more, others less.

The arduino can't supply enough power directly to run multiple servos; depending on the model, it's generally marginal to run even one - you need a separate power supply - connect the grounds.


yes my servo with the same type with you has only 160 degree maximum.


I got one recently,  which had a range of only 120 degrees.   It seems rather suss that this
information is not published anywhere.


Normally they are only guaranteed to move 90 degrees, anything above that is a bonus.


If you can carefully mechanically rotate the servo horn, see how many deg. of mechanucal rotation there is. If it seems like there is more than the 160 deg you have gotten the servo to move, then you might increase the default range of the servo library to see if that will increase the operating range of the servo. 
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