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I'm discovering the tinkerkit shield with its capabilities and have a little problem:
- When I plug the "tinker kit" servo (a SpringGRC SM-S4303R continuous rotation servo) on the "O0" output (pin 9) with the default "sweeper" example, the servo begins to rotate as expected, slows down and rotates in the opposite direction
- When I plug a Futaba S3003 servo with the same wiring (Black / Red / White)... nothing happens !
- If I replug the SM-S4303R it works again (the shield isn't cooked :-) )

I've got two brand new Futaba servos, none is working.

I may be missing something but cant't understand what... so can anybody help me ? :-)




are u using the arduio to power the futaba servo?
because i think the futaba s pretty hungry for power

try connect a external source of power

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