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what is the step size of the mircos() command on the Arduino due?

Still 4┬Ás?
Or was it improved because of the more powerful Microcontroller on the Arduino Due Board?

Another little question:
Does the "T020040 - TinkerKit Mega Sensor Shield V.2" works fine with the Due and all of the TinkerKit Sensors?



HOw about a small program to test the granularity? (code not tested)
Code: [Select]

unsigned long x[100];
void setup()
  for (inti=0;i<100;i++)
    x[i] = micros();
  for (inti=0;i<100;i++)
    Serial.println(x[i], DEC);

void loop()

Please post the output...
Rob Tillaart

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it is improved down to 1us.. but of course not below  ;)


Thank you for that information,
that was my criteria to buy a Due  :)

Sorry for not mentioning that i do not have a Due until now.   :smiley-red:

Also i would like to Order the "T020040 - TinkerKit Mega Sensor Shield V.2". But only if it works with the Due and Sensors.

Does anybody run this combination?

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