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The electronics could be very simple - just count equinox using the alignment of the sun (we don't have a specific date in mind), Stonehenge style.
So charging could be very low current, providing charge is greater than leakage.

Mmm, maybe that is what Stonehenge is? It will pop open soon, spouting confetti....

Or non-electronic, pure mechanical, use rise/fall of groundwater changed by tides to run a clock. Electronics could then be turned on during event day, release chemicals into a battery, and play happy birthday etc. One is only concerned with shelf-life. Bearings etc in the "clock" would only receive two 'ticks' per day, so little wear.
For whom does the clock pulse? It pulses for you!


Have a little crank on the outside of the time capsule that turns a generator and charges a battery. Put a sign that reads "Please turn crank".

Someone ought to turn it within 100 years. :D

On a serious note, if you can sleep your processor and it uses 0.35 uA, it would require a 306.6 mAH battery. This assumes a zero internal discharge rate, and some form of battery chemistry that can last 100 years.


John, that is actually an awesome idea :P Crowdsourced power. The one thing you won't run out of in the next hundred years is curious people.


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u should go ahead with the perpetual idea :D


I think NASA can make it.the battery that are being used in mars rovers last for almost 20 yrs.if there will be a competition,nasa will make it.

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