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I have figured out how to connect it to PCs and Laptops using built-in Bluetooth or a dongle.
Will be figuring out how to do this with the Raspberry Pi next.
Will be brushing off the C# skills to make a windows program to use it with.
Special offer on Basic4android for anyone wishing to program their own Android apps. See this thread.

Hi folks.

I don't want to tread on any toes.

I've made some software for android phones which I will want to sell on the Google Play Store though there will be a free trial version which has nag screens but no advertising.

The idea is that you use a bluetooth serial module or shield and it will work with the Arduino (which I'm testing it on now) or any other uController with a bluetooth module.

Would it be ok to advertise it here?

I would like to get some people to try it and let me know what changes to make to it etc. before I publish it on the Google Play Store, is this the best place to advertise it?

Just to let you know, the app acts as the buttons for the device (don't they all) fully configurable/re-configurable on the fly, get it to send an sms or more excitingly get it to act on a series of commands in a received sms, kind of 'remotely control your remote controlled device' :), commands can be sent from the uController to get it to speak (text to speech) and play sound effects etc.

Most importantly, its fun to use and easy in the same spirit as the Arduino.



Coding Badly

Would it be ok to advertise it here?

I assume by "here" you mean this section of the forum (Product and Services).  Yes, it is OK.


Thank you.

My first app launch :)

Just to let you know that although the main theme of the app is to control micro controller devices over a serial bluetooth connection.

You can have a lot of fun with BTInterface with just the app as you can send it text messages to make it speak, play sound effects, popup toast messages etc.

Here's the link to it on Google Play Store:



Put a new video on the site today :)


As the Arduino becomes 'self aware' it starts to get a little scary!


I was just playing with bluetooth right now (though on my teensy 3.0 and not an official Arduino).  I have a HC-05 that I bought off of ebay, and I hook it up to one Teensy's 3.0 serial ports.  Using the Connection Terminal app, I am able to connect to the device, and send/receive text.  With your app, it never pairs with the HC-05, and it only sees my my wife/daughter's phones  and not the HC-05.

At present, I haven't changed the name or passcode used for pairing (1234).  Here is a link to the item from the seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HC-05-Bluetooth-Transceiver-Host-Slave-Master-Module-Wireless-Serial-6pin-/221158958927?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337e19e74f.

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