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To attach a file to a post...

• Start a post (click Reply) or modify one of your existing posts
• Click Additional Options... (below the edit window to the left)
• Click the Browse button
• Select the file
• Click Post

As I said in my first post... "Hello, I am new to forum, so please be indulgent.". But I was going to ask that, so thank you. I have attached the working project to this post. It works thanks to Paul. It was DtrEnable, like he said.

I have included a pic how my C# GUI looks like. It's easy to custom afterwards. Mayby someone could use it. I forgot to include a comment, though, in the DtrEnable line, because that can be a real frustration.

Not necessary.  The Playground is a public wiki.

Now I get it why there were a buzzlion errors, and the nature of those errors! There are errors like pin_4 instead of pin_3 and commented lines, brackets missing... a jackass modified with bad intentions the code. I didn't really observe it was a wiki. I'll try to insert a link to this topic.

Thanks again, Paul and fellas.

edit: I have modified the article, but I didn't touch any of the code, I didn't really wanted to edit the man's code. So I just posted a link at the bottom of the page to this topic. Is that good? This is my first wiki that I've edited ever. See here: http://playground.arduino.cc//Csharp/SerialCommsCSharp

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